Up-to-date overview of costs and revenue


Post calculation is a central controlling instrument for you as an operating business. Post calculation accurately evaluates the data of the pre-calculation with the real costs incurred. Through post calculation, discrepancies can be quickly identified, analysed and immediately responded to while production continues.

For assessment of a job, target costs, sales price, actual costs and contract revenue are compared. In this way, you can evaluate sales performance, performance results and job results.

Using the actual data, you generate cost centre statistics or value added statistics. Based on these, the operating rate or the rate of capacity utilization for every cost centre, or unfinished listings for the monthly statement of accounting, can be calculated.

The scope of delivery also includes: customer statistics, offer statistics, job results lists, performance statistics, budget prognoses comparisons, inventory statistics or cost unit accounting.


Key figures


Management often requires more information for analysis than post calculation reports deliver. It is pointless, therefore, to provide them with a complex controlling and analysis system. Reporting Services provide a good combination of advantages of standard reports with analysis possibilities, which are available on the Microsoft SQL server database by default.

The reports generated offer a number of interactivities. The report recipient can, based on his usual standard reports, effect a number of actions, such as branch out to detailed data.

All reports can be generated at any time from the server as a PDF, Word or Excel document, and can be sent to the contact person on file directly.

In this way, specific reports, such as a production report from the night shift, can be sent directly to the Head of production and viewed on tablet.


Business Intelligence Reporting


Measuring results, steering investments and identifying savings potential. Successful printing agencies’ need for processes to systematically analyse data, which they have in their databases, is growing and growing.

The challenge is to combine the numbers in a sensible way and to present them in such a way that recommended actions can be drawn.

The goal is to gain knowledge which helps to make better operative or strategic decisions based on the business objectives.

Business Intelligence Analysis Service

Information concerning production, sales and purchasing, acquiring and using inventories and costs are the key to a competitive and successful business.
The MEGALITH BI Analysis Service delivers essential information relevant for business decisions anywhere and at any time.
In this way, management can react to changes in market demands or customer requirements: anywhere, at any time.
This information can also be retrieved faster and more reliably (in order to fulfil the requirements for ratings in accordance with Basel II) and can identify concrete savings potential.

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